January 30, 2011

::recipe:: Peppermint & White Chocolate Heart Suckers

We've got leftover mini candy canes...do you?

I grabbed everything that you see below. Would you believe that, with the exception of the sucker sticks, I already had ALL of this in my house? I guess I'm officially a mom now :)

Preheat your oven to 250. Place your candy canes, in heart shapes, on parchment paper. Stick them in the oven. Mine took about 5 minutes to soften.

Once you pull them out of the oven, add the sucker stick, and pinch both the bottom and top together. Make sure that the sucker stick is sandwiched pretty well in between the candy cane.

You've gotta work kind of fast. Those candy canes start hardening pretty darn quick.

Melt some white chocolate in the microwave. I bought the Wilton pink variety. Spoon it into a gallon ziploc baggie, snip the end, and you are ready to go. Pipe just enough chocolate to fill the heart and cover the stick. Shake your sprinkles on pretty quickly too. The chocolate hardens just about as fast as those candy canes.

I packaged them in cellophane bags. And, yes, I already had those too. Just call me Miss Pack Rat.

While I was at it, I made a set of these too....

I have plans for them later...

Inspired by and adapted from: Skip to My Lou!

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Amanda said...


I'd love to make something like this for V-Day for Emily's Preschool but I don't have any leftover candy canes. Hmmm... maybe I could go looking for some. :D

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