October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween was SO much fun for us this year! We dressed Emma up as Raggedy Ann...our babysitter, Lauren, lent Emma her Andy doll to carry along, but it is quite obvious from the photos that Tigger won that contest. I actually wore the same outfit that we used for Emma this year, so that was kind of neat. I don't have a photo of me, but let's just say that the costume truly was "raggedy." :) We started the evening at about 5:30 by heading to our rec center for a pumpkin carving contest, costume contest, and of course...some goodies! We carved a simple face on our pumpkin...it is a bit difficult to carve while chasing a two year old! Rob did most of the carving, while I played with Emma on the playground. Afterthat, we headed to a neighbor's house for chili, baked potatoes, and tamales. Emma's best friend Ray-Ray was there, and her dad had a tractor and trailer for a really fun hay ride. We loaded all of the kids onto the trailer and took a tour of the neighborhood...stopping along the way to trick or treat. Emma LOVED the hay ride and all of the goodies. She could say, "trick or treat" this year, so that was fun! We pretty much had the whole neighborhood on the trailer, so the residents got a bit of a surprise when they opened their door to about 30 munchkins with a sugar rush! All three of us were exhausted by the time the night was over. Emma didn't get to bed until 10 o'clock, which is VERY late for her! Although, she was quite the little trooper, and had a wonderful Halloween night!

October 30, 2008

Fun with the bubble mower...finally!

I took Emma outside to play today, and she figured something out...her bubble mower! We never could get it to make very many bubbles before, but today she got it blowing! In case any of you have one these and can't get it to work, you have to push it on the rear two wheels, instead of all four. For some reason, this makes it work! Emma loved her "new" toy...chasing all the bubbles was so much fun!

The smell of cookies baking...oh so sweet!

I made my "classic" sugar cookies for Emma this year. I had quit making them for awhile...I think that they are too sweet, and to be honest, we are ALWAYS watching our weight. But, I figured with a munchkin in the house, we could start a fun tradition. I mixed up the dough earlier this week, and baked the cookies the next afternoon. After Rob came home from work, we let Emma go to town...and go to town she did! She was scraping the icing off of the cookies, before she was even done decorating. We had lots of fun, and got a little creative...GO TIGERS!

These are the cookies that Emma decorated...all by herself :)

October 29, 2008

Halloween Goodies from Mama and Papa C!!!

Emma got a package in the mail from her Mama and Papa C. She was SO excited to get something in the mail...she said, "open it, open it." Emma got two new outfits, a new book, a flashlight and necklace to wear trick or treating, stickers, and the most important thing...M&M's!!! She was eating them just as fast as she could. Thanks Mama and Papa C!!!

October 19, 2008

Feeding the duck ducks...

Emma LOVES animals, and she especially loves duck ducks! We took her to feed them this past Sunday, and she had a great time. She would grab a piece of bread and say, "ready, set, go!" Then she would throw the bread into the water. Here are a few photos.

Stressing out on the car ride there...

October 11, 2008

Emma with the pumpkins!

Here are just a few pics of Emma with her pa-ins! She just LOVES them!! She has a baby "pa-in" that she thinks is "cute." Mama C. bought Emma her baby pumpkin, her Mickey Mouse pumpkin, and her trick or treat shirt. Thanks Mama C.!!! We also have a scarecrow in the front yard, and Emma loves him too. She says, "Bye Scarecrow" every time we leave the house. I think that Emma is loving all of the fall decortations!

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