June 19, 2012

Pull Your Socks Up Tight

We can't believe it, but after a dreadful 11 months on the market, our house has finally sold!  So, we're in complete survival mode here at The Douglas House, with our socks pulled up tight and our moving boots on.

We're relocating to the Dallas area, so this past Saturday we made the long drive north and were forced to make lots of decisions...quick.  We completed the whole house hunting venture in a mere four or five hours.  No pressure :)

This isn't going to be any picnic at the pool, but we're excited about so many things!  And sad to leave so many friends behind too.

As I type this, I'm not going to lie...I'm a nervous wreck and we're drowning in the longest to do list ever, but I do feel really good about it all.  I'm so thankful for all of my sweet sister and brother-in-law's help and probably need to go ahead and throw out a blanket thank you to my mom and the rest of my family too.  We may need you :)

We're already on a "days" countdown...ha!  Hello tape, boxes, and sharpie markers!  To have waited so long for the sale, the end happened faster than I can process.

I feel like I need to sit on my couch and watch a replay of the last week.  I know I was there in body, but as for the rest, I'm not so sure.

For now, it's adios to the blog.

I'm checking out and keeping faith in the Lord's timing :)

Somehow, it just always works out.

June 10, 2012

Double Celebration!

Friday night was dress rehearsal.  Saturday night was the recital, and Sunday afternoon was recital...round 2.  So, by Sunday night, we were beat :)  To celebrate Emma's hard work at dance, we took her to dinner and let her pick...Grimaldi's was where her spinner landed.

The kids had a blast coloring...

Playing with pizza dough...

And eating dessert.

Emma picked oreo cheesecake :)  Little did we know that during the Sunday afternoon performance and our dinner at Grimaldi's...we got an offer on our house!

So, we were really celebrating double, but didn't know it yet.

My cell phone was on silent from the recital, and I forgot to turn it back on.  We waited so long (a whole freakin' year) for the offer, and didn't even find out until the next day...ha!

All because of me :)

June 7, 2012

Burning Love :)

Emma's very first year of dance was ending, so I stopped in for a few quick photos of her ballet class...

Her recital was about three days away, but her recital routine was tap, and ballet is her favorite, so I wanted to remember that :)

Dress rehearsal was Friday afternoon...

They were precious.

Little red firefighters that tapped to Elvis' "hunk a hunk of burnin' love."

On Saturday, Aunt Lindy came to watch Miss Emma perform.  We were all so excited that she was coming and ended up being our good luck charm :)  More on that later.

I was so proud of her...


And, I still love backstage :)


Mr. Carson did quite well in the audience.  He waited for his sister to perform and clapped his little heart out when she was all done.  He may have even shouted "Memma"  when the curtains opened!




The boys brought Miss Emma gifts...

It was a fun weekend!

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