September 28, 2009

a little retro red

Emma got a new tricycle for her birthday, and can I say that I love it?
It is the original design, complete with streamers and a shiny red bench on the back.
You all know that I love red and classic, so this one had my name written all over it.
Did I mention that Emma LOVES it too? The bell is by far the best part. When it rings, it sounds like 1950 :) So fun.

September 20, 2009

A Cinderella Fishing Pole & Hotdogs

Rob took Emma fishing this morning.
She was in a dress with a Cinderella fishing pole, of course.
They caught four fish in about thirty minutes.
I offered to put her hair up before she left.
She declined.
Rob would cast the line for Emma and Emma would reel it in.
She was so proud!
Rob was too. They had pretty good luck. He said that next time he goes fishing he may bring along a princess fishing pole and hotdogs for bait. But, I am sure that he didn't want me to tell you that.
I stayed home for the beginning part of their fishing trip. I was working on something, but I will have to show you later.

September 19, 2009

So Proud of Her Sugar

It was Ray's birthday party this weekend. Ray is Emma's best friend. The party was shared with her older sister, so there were so "older" games that were played...including bobbing for apples.
They really "bobbed." Emma just watched in amazement.
They had bean bag toss for the little ones. This kept them busy for quite a while.
She LOVED the horns, and so did all of the other kids. There were some "rules" instated after these little gems were found.
Emma ate her share of the cake...I think she's done.
All of the children got the take "whacks" at the pinata. Emma's attempt at her "whacks" were funny for sure.
Going in for the candy. I told her to run!
Emma enjoyed her candy with Ray.
She liked the now and laters, and I did too. She was so proud of her sugar.

The Baby Bump Diaries: Chapter 3

In case you missed Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

I think that I made it over the hump! I am 18 weeks, and I am feeling a lot better than I was, so I am thrilled. I am still not 100%. I went to bed early last night with a horrible headache and the lovely nausea. But, I think my days over the toilet are over...let's hope. Rob took this photo. Maybe I should teach him how to focus with our camera.
Here's one of me with my Memms, and no we don't have a name picked out yet. Trust me, we are working on it. If men weren't so picky about their son's names, we would have one already.

September 17, 2009

just the two of us

Together we made our way to the zoo this morning.
All of the animals were out. Emma put it best on the way to the gates, "It's a nice, cool day, Mom."
She amazes me everyday.
She LOVES the giraffes. We were excited to see the giraffe baby, who is now 7 months old. Little did we know that there are now two giraffe babies.
Waiting for the seal lion show to start...
And, my favorite part was the train ride. I almost fell asleep!
Emma loves crossing the bridge over the lake and going through the tunnel.
She also loves juice boxes.
We had a fun day. The weather was perfect, and I had fun just being with my Memms.

September 12, 2009

You're Invited

to Emma's 3rd Birthday Party! Get ready for a long post and lots of fun! If you are looking for the finished product of the rainbow cake, you are in the right place.
We started with Aunt Lindy's dessert on Friday night. She had a birthday in August, so this was her birthday dessert. With her new initials of course!
Emma opened a few gifts before her party. I made her a book called, "Mommy's Having a Baby." She got a big sister shirt from me too.
Aunt Lindy made Emma this dollhouse. Incredible. Don't you want to be three?
How does our little girl go from looking like this to...
looking like this? It all happened in just three short and very fun years :)
Jumping away with Mama C.
Her party was a tribute to Tigger.
I made homemade play dough for party favors.
They got the recipe and a cookie cutter to take home too.
Aunt Ashley did sidewalk art for us.
And a hopscotch too.
Aren't her pj's cute?
She had so much fun jumping!
Grand-dad and Nana came to the party too. All three of these guys JUMPED!
Emma with her Daddy.
Just Emma and me.
We tried to get a family photo.
That task takes lots of effort.
Emma with her Mama C.
This one made me laugh.
Roughhousing with her Daddy. This is what they do best. Trust me.
Her cake!
Aunt Lindy getting some pineapple orange banana punch.
The TIGGER bounce fun!
I made the banner for her party.
Hopscotching away...
Uncle Dill helped with all of the food. I am sure that others of you did too....thanks to everybody!
Baby Quinn...oh so sweet!
Some of the party gang. To get them ALL in a photo...impossible!
Just before we attempted to light the candles...
Emma was not impressed with everyone's singing. Nor did she want to blow out her candles.
The first slice of the cake! The cake was twice as tall as a regular cake...I couldn't even finish my piece. It was SO sweet!
A sneak peak inside...
Now, that is what I call a cake. I was SO glad that it didn't flop :)
There wasn't much left.
The kiddos continued to chalk it up.
Emma ate her sour licorice. So did all of the pregnant ladies at the party, which was 90% of us :) Thanks Aunt Marg!
Papa C. came too. They were watching Caillou.
And, Aunt Lindy played with Emma upstairs.
All in all, it was a super weekend. I can't believe our little girl is three! Thanks to everybody who came. We were so glad that you were there. I am gone for now...this is one exhausted pregnant girl!
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