November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama C!

My parents flew home from their "destination" holiday on Mom's birthday. They were in a warm and tropical place all week-complete with margaritas, but sans turkey and dressing (sounds pretty good, huh?).So, we decided to meet them for dinner. Emma was so excited to see them both!
They sang to Mama C. which nearly scared her half to death!
Since they missed out on Thanksgiving dinner, I made pumpkin and pecan pie for dessert.
Emma had a blast with my parents and of course, the animals. She asked if she could go home with them to the "forest."
All in all, it was a fun night. We love you Mama C!

November 24, 2009

Road Trip for Turkey Day

We left our home the Monday before Thanksgiving and made our way to see family. Emma had headphones and plenty of movies, so let's just say we were ALL happy at least for most of the time-we always have our moments.
We spent plenty of time outside...the animals came too.
She rode her tricycle, and I attempted to get her photo.
She was having so much fun.
She looked for acorns.
And found lots of them.
On Tuesday night, we met my very good friend Stephanie and her family for dinner at Joe T. Garcias. Emma enjoyed the chips.
She also had a blast with Ethan. If only we lived closer...
Although I rarely see my friend, Stephanie, I talk to her on the phone ALL the time. Let's just say we go "way back," and I wish I could see her more often. We haven't see each other since her wedding...Emma was 8 weeks old...shameful.
This was our second attempt at a group shot. Group shots are impossible with toddlers.
Emma enjoyed her time with Grandmother. Emma asked for eggs for lunch. I gave her a funny look, and Grandmother said, "Let me fix them for you." Can we say rotten?
Here's one with Emma, Grandmother, and Papa. Emma LOVES the cane.
And, of course, Rob with his grandparents. We couldn't convince Emma to join in.
We met my sister and Dillon for dinner at Papadeaux on another night. They just bought their first house, so we got to see that too. It was so cute.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and we were surrounded by lots of family. Unfortunately, I quit taking photos on Wednesday night, so this is all prego wrote.
Our Thanksgiving dinner was fabulous, and we enjoyed our stay at Grandmother & Papa's house. We are grateful that they let us take over their house for a few days :)

Rob and I have a lot to be thankful for. My list could go on for days, but for starters, we have a healthy little girl and a healthy (so far) baby boy on the way. Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours. May we all reflect on our many blessings.

November 19, 2009

Sewing & Growing

We have been SO busy! My sweat shop is back up and running. I made these two onesies for Carson. Please, don't look too close. They are far from perfect. I bought them (plain) for less than a dollar each. I asked Emma what they were, and she said, "a choo choo train, mama." So, I guess I was successful!
I also made my sister TWENTY SIX, yes 26 chair covers for her classroom. The pattern was simple, but doing it 26 times was the trick. Her kids sit at tables, without places for their things. So, the chair covers have pockets to hold their notebooks, folders, etc. I hope they work out well for her. I don't have a photo...they have already been shipped off!
In other news, I am working on a quilt. It was already made by my great great grandmother or something (I know, I need to find out). It was never backed, so it is falling apart. I am trying to stitch it all back together, and then have it backed...then maybe we can use it?

I have many other projects lined up in my little head. If only there was more time...

I did have my doctor's appointment two days ago. I took the dreaded glucose test, so please pray that I passed. My belly is growing right on target, which I could have told you myself. My belly is so big, that bathing Emma is SO difficult...thank goodness Rob saves me most of the time! Otherwise, my appointment went great. I go back every two weeks now, which every two weeks already??

That just sounds crazy to me.

November 17, 2009

Snuggling & Trimming

We have been snuggled up here. Being pregnant, I have welcomed the cooler weather.
Emma LOVES Christmas, so I let her bust out her tree a little early this year. I know it is not even Thanksgiving yet, but it makes her so happy, what can I say?
We topped it with my childhood angel.
And, covered the tree with lights & ornaments. We even strung our own wooden beads.
Along with the Christmas tree in the playroom, Emma has her "Rudolf" in tow. He was a gift from Mama C....three years ago. He sings, and she could just eat him to pieces. The batteries are the originals. Will they ever wear out?

November 8, 2009

A fishing they will go

The morning following the shower, Emma took the boys fishing. Trust me, I think she took them.
I wasn't there, I can't believe Rob took photos but it looks like Emma fished with Grand-dad...
and played chase with Grand-dad...
fished with Papa C...
and fished with her daddy.
This one is my cute & so proud! Good job with the photos, Rob! You never cease to amaze me :)

November 7, 2009

Tis the Season for Giving

I was in desperate need of four hostess gifts, so I came up with this...
Monogrammed dish towels. The towels are from TJ Maxx. I bought two sets, and they were very inexpensive. They are the good ones too! I had them monogrammed, which is never cheap, but in my opinion, so worth the price. I would love to have everything personal!
I paired them with a very festive pomegranate kitchen soap from bath and body works. After wrapping them in cellophane bags, I tied a ribbon, and made my own gift tags, and wha la!

Just an idea for all of you with teachers, etc. to buy for this season.

The stamp is from the dollar tree~I just love stamps. On it, is a little bird that "tweets" thank you.

It meets my most important gift criteria of being "useful." Who wouldn't use a Christmas dish towel and kitchen soap for their kitchen sink throughout the holidays?

It also doesn't break the rule of one of my biggest pet peeves....getting a "Christmas" gift on "Christmas" Day and you get to go home and store it for a whole year! This applies to any holiday for that matter. My hostesses will have these in November, so they can use it during the holidays.

I went ahead and had two extra towels monogrammed, for Emma's teachers, of course. Our Christmas teacher gifts are done....yay! The other towel is for me~I was selfish and did one for myself.

down came the rain

In form of a baby shower that is. You might want to grab a cup of coffee for this one. It is a long one. Family and friends hosted a baby shower for us, so here are the highlights. The cake was beautiful and delicious too! Thanks Juli and Clinton.
We had blue nursery rhyme plates...
blue hydrangeas...
blue baby buggies & blue baby bottles...
and blue pretzels, of course.
If you haven't pick up on the theme...
My mom and dad made gumbo for the dinner.
Emma enjoyed all of the excitement!
Here's me with all of the hostesses-Juli, Karen, Mom, and Lindy.
Here's where everyone checked out my size. I'm embarrassing! How many toilet paper squares does it take to make it around my belly?
Well, here is the damage, and I'm keeping the number to myself!
Here's Papa C. drawing a baby on his head. Whoever had the "best" baby drawing won...
This one was Clinton's. Pretty good huh?
Just before cutting the cake...
I had a sidekick opening all of the gifts. I think she has swiped most everything that was supposed to be for Carson.
Memms was having so much fun!
Thanks to everybody who came, brought gifts, mailed gifts, and hosted. Rob and I are so grateful for everyone's thoughtfulness. We had a great time!
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