December 26, 2009

Christmas with The Chiles Family

We were supposed to arrive at Mama and Papa C.'s house on December 26th, but Lindy and I got together and thought we would throw the family a curve ball. We knocked on their door very late on Christmas Day night, and we told no one! Mom, Dad, and Ash were very surprised to say the least. I took very few photos (shameful, I know), but this is what I do have. Emma opened her vest from Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Steve. It was too cute. She looked like a little eskimo!

Emma enjoyed opening all of her gifts with her Mama C.

She also had fun playing "animals" with my dad. They were too cute together!
We had a wonderful Christmas with my family. Even though the photos don't prove it, we had a lot of fun hanging out with everybody! By this point, I was still sick and not any better. And, Rob caught what I had...I made a call to my doctor while I was at my mom's and got a new antibiotic called in. I was still hopeful that better days were in my future...

December 25, 2009

The children were nestled...

All snug in their beds. Emma was still nestled at 8 am on Christmas morning.

Rob and I had to wake our little munchkin up...

She was so excited to get her horses!

While she played, I made cinni-minis. yum!
It was just the three of us for Christmas morning, but we had a wonderful day. In addition to the cinnamon rolls, I made a breakfast quiche for breakfast. We played all morning with all of the new toys that Santa brought and opened our family gifts later on that morning. It was a Merry and Blessed Christmas for all of us!

December 24, 2009

And the stockings were hung...

We started Christmas Eve night with service at church....

When we got home, we let Emma open one present.

Of course, it was pj's for Emma to wear on that special night.

She was so excited...

Can you tell?

We made cookies for Santa. I cheated this year and bought the break and bake.

Emma didn't long as she got to eat them too!

We sprinkled the reindeer food on the front porch...

Then, chose the extra special cookies for Santa...

Afterthat, we said our prayers and tucked Emma if for the was so much fun!

December 23, 2009

It's My Birthday

and I can cry if I want to...

So, I really do feel like crying. I am still sick, and not just a little sick...miserable! Which wouldn't normally be the end of the world. right?

Well, when your birthday is two days before Christmas, and you have an excited little three year old at home, being sick on your birthday presents a few problems.

I was devastated. Christmas comes once a year, and I was praying that I would be well to enjoy the magic with my little munchkin. So, I put a smile on my face and tried really hard to pretend that I felt wonderful.

We started the night with a card and a gift...
Then, we loaded up and headed to The Aquarium. Emma was so excited!
My one wish for my birthday was to feel better, and since that hadn't come true quite yet, my second choice was a photo of our whole family. I just love them!
DSC_8396.JPG copy
While we dined, we enjoyed the scenery. Sea turtles are my favorite.
Emma enjoyed the fish.
After dinner, we rode the train into shark tunnel.
Then, we headed to the carousel.
Emma chose to ride the dolphin, and I got to ride with her. Her eyes truly sparkle when she rides a carousel.
We headed home for dessert. It was some sort of chocolate truffle dessert, covered in powdered sugar. And when we blew out the candles, the powdered sugar went everywhere!
My birthday was wonderful thanks to my sweet hubby and one fun little girl. What would I do without them?

The Baby Bump Diaries: Chapter 7

In case you missed Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5 or Chapter 6.

Here I am, on my birthday and almost 32 weeks. That makes me about 3 days shy of officially being 8 months pregnant. No news on the home front. Carson is still growing and so am I!

December 21, 2009

a little bit of paint

I "drew" the picture for Emma, and then we painted it together. The real story is that we were both sick, it was cold outside, and I was miserable. So, this is what we came up with.

December 17, 2009

Gumdrops, Royal Icing, Gingerbread & Mama C.

Can you get any better than this? Emma doesn't think so. Mama C. came to visit us for several days before Christmas, so we started with this...
Emma LOVES my mom and sugar too, so she was so happy.
I told her to put the gumdrops in the middle of the squares, and she did just that.
Quite impressive for a little one! Emma also made the peppermint walk.
It was so much fun building the gingerbread house together. Emma enjoyed both the creating and the eating.
We made gingerbread ornaments while Mama C. was here too.
Later on, Emma and I hung them on our tree.
We had a wonderful week with our Mama C! Rob and I got to sneak away for dinner...just the two of us. We all took Emma to see The Princess and the Frog, admired the Christmas lights, and Mom and I even made it out ourselves!

December 15, 2009

Reindeer Food

I made these for Emma's class...
I thought they turned out super cute, and it was easy too!
Here's the recipe:

Some oats
Some sugar
Some glitter
Some "colored" sugar crystals. You can get this at HEB, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels. They are pretty much just sprinkles for cookies.

Stir it all up and pour into bags.

December 14, 2009

The Baby Bump Diaries: Chapter 6

I am 30 weeks along (well, actually 30 weeks and 2 days)! Everyday counts, right?
I took these pics with the camera on my computer, so the quality is poor, but you get the point.
I have nothing new to report...I am still hanging in there and still going to the gym. I feel like I have bricks for a belly :) I have a check-up tomorrow morning, but I have found those to be pretty much pointless lately.

As far as Carson goes, I have been working on the nursery. We are re-using Emma's nursery, which was the plan all along, but it is being transformed into a more "boyish" room. I still need a lamp, rug, etc., but I will post photos of the finished product soon...promise!

One more subject baby sister is 20 today! So, Happy Birthday Ash! We Love You! And, can't believe that you're 20...I mean really?

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

December 13, 2009

Crayolas get cozy!

I made Emma a Christmas present today...
It's a crayon bag, with a cozy place for all of her crayons and a place to store all of her coloring books too.
It is far from perfect, but in the end, I was satisfied. I made it without a pattern or anything, so you could too. I bought the red already "quilted" and added the floral. I hope she likes it, but shhh don't tell, it's a Christmas surprise!

December 11, 2009

Reindeer, Frosty, Jingle Bells & Cupcakes

Emma had her Christmas Party at school this morning. ReindShe started the day playing with the nativity...
I guess the camel and Mary are her favorites!
They "rang the bell" with the bean bags...
Emma LOVED it!
They played pin the hat on Frosty...
And of course, they were blindfolded.
Emma got pretty close!
They had story time...
Sang songs~she is holding Baby Jesus :)
Had a snack...
And of course, a cupcake!
Emma was so excited!
When I told her it was her Christmas Party, she said, "Do I get a cupcake?"
Yes, sweetheart, you do!
I was in charge of the craft, but didn't get any photos. I was too busy! We made the famous reindeers out of popsicle sticks and the wreaths with their photo in it. Both are ornaments for the tree.

In other news, I turn 30 weeks tomorrow! Yikes! I will see if I can get Rob to take a belly photo of me. Be back soon. Promise!
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