June 23, 2009

Isn't she cute?

I just LOVE when she dresses up!  How could you not love her?

We have had an interesting week....I have a sinus infection of some sort and feel horrible, and Emma had a urinary tract infection this week.  She is feeling better, so hopefully I will follow suit.  My camera is heading to the shop today, so it is adios for now!  Have a wonderful week!

June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there!  We hate we couldn't be with Papa C and Grad-dad...Rob had lasik eye surgery two days before Father's Day, so we were just hanging out at home.  

Rob is a wonderful dad to our little Miss Emma!  I can't say enough good things about him.  We gave him a few things to make his life a little bit easier, cooked him dinner (meatloaf), and went to church.  Other than that, we had a pretty low key day.  Emma even made him a card :)

June 13, 2009

Lindsey's Pre-Wedding Weekend!

The girls had a fun-filled weekend, and when I say "the girls,"  I mean it...I went solo for the weekend.  The following post may not be as "G" rated as the norm, so proceed at your own risk!  The morning started with a brunch wedding shower that was hosted by me and three other ladies from Longview.  It turned out great!
The beautiful bride...

The bridesmaids...

After the shower, we were swept away for the Bridesmaid's Luncheon at Barron's.  Lunch was delicious!
The bell is from me....Emma is going to ring it while she walks down the aisle at the wedding....or so we hope!

That night was the Bachelorette Party.  Lindsey was a great sport...we got her pretty good.  Here are a few pics....
Margaritas at The Schaetz House...

Between her necklace and veil, she was "decked out" for a good ole East Texas night out!

Hot Bottoms, Lins!
Good Job Court!
Dinner at Posados, just before our night out!
Getting in to the "HOT" club!

My favorite photo of the night :)
What a hottie Lins!

A few guys' philosophies on marriage....she was assigned a scavenger hunt, and I would say that she did pretty well.  You can decide for yourself!

June 10, 2009

We let them go!

Emma said "goodbye" to her five newest friends today.  She let her butterflies go, and they went!  I thought that they might hang out in our garden for awhile....so she could see them.  I guessed wrong, they shot straight into the sky and flew miles away!  


We just finished raising our five butterflies.  We started with the caterpillars, moved on to the chrysalis stage, and ended up with five painted lady butterflies.  We have all enjoyed watching them grow!  Emma will be letting them go today.  She is so excited!

June 9, 2009

Petit Fours

Along with the bulletin boards, I wanted to master these delightful little wonders...petit fours!  I have to say that I did it successfully and will definitely make them again.  Here are some photos.  I will post the recipe soon!

June 6, 2009

Bulletin Boards!

I said I would make them, and well, here they are!  I was SUPER pleased....found them on Craig's List for $20.  I came home, cleaned them, covered them with fabric, used ribbon for the border, and was extra nice to Rob (I needed help hanging them :)  

June 4, 2009

Going to see the animals!

Rob took the whole week off this week....hence all of our adventures!  When we asked Emma what she wanted to do for the week, out of all the choices, her pick was the zoo....so of course, we went and brought Ray along too!

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