August 27, 2009

It's Early, but It's a...

Well, maybe it's a boy, but still could be a girl.
We weren't sure, so we jumped to the them!
And, then the heartbeat was 144 bpm.
And, then it really is a BOY! Oh my lord!
We ended with a snuggly little baby and two surprised parents!

We're thrilled, and I am even more thrilled for Rob. He has been such a wonderful daddy to our little girl, and I know he'll be a great daddy to our little boy. I guess we are switching from pink to blue...I guess shopping for blue is in the very near future. We are all going tonight!

August 26, 2009

Good Morning Stalkers!

Trust me, I say that with all light heartiness! I stalk too...there are certain blogs that I just can't get enough of these days. People just don't seem to update quite often enough for me.
This is Emma's book for school. Yes, she is starting school soon, but only one day a week.
Her teacher gave me half of a yellow folder, and essentially told me to "filler up."
Don't tell Rob, but it took me all afternoon. I was a little frustrated.
I haven't developed photos in a while, but still wanted the book to be "up to date." The space was also so small, that none of my photos fit. I thought about shrinking them at Kinko's, but decided very quickly that was "too much sugar for a dime" for a pregnant lady. Do y'all say that? I made it work, all the while feeling quite nauseous.

Let's house is a mess, I have errands to run, and I am at home playing with stickers? Oh I forgot...I had a deadline, and who wants to be that parent? You know, the one that doesn't pull through. If you know me at all, you know that that title is definitely not for me.

August 25, 2009

Isn't it ironic?

Rob and I had dinner at P.F. Chang's with his sales team. Check out our fortunes. I got "Daughter" and Rob got "His." Funny.
There's still time to vote, but the clock is ticking....tick, tock, tick, tock.

Emma's Favorite Things

Playing with her friends. Tanner came to visit us this weekend, and Emma just loved it!
My Little Pony. Although, she doesn't have any, it is her first pick to hold while we shop when we go to Target!
Being silly. I think the photo speaks for itself.
Strawberry Shortcake. This one makes me smile. I loved her and Emma does too. I bought this DVD for five buckaroos at Wal Mart-something to do while I was sick on the couch. Now that I have been paying attention, there is Strawberry Shortcake stuff everywhere! Flashback to it!
Riding her bike. I think this one is getting a little small. We may be shopping for a new one sometime soon!
Jumping in puddles. She asks everyday! Don't you wish you were two again with cute rain boots? If only she had an umbrella!
Pj's. She LOVES them! She goes into her room, takes off her clothes and changes into her pj's.
Princesses. Emma just met Cinderella, and she just loves her! We have rented Cinderella twice, and she watches the whole movie...very intently! Afterwards, she sings, "bippity, boppity, boo." Delightful!
Playing outside. And, the dirtier she gets, the better. We are thinking of putting sand in her ladybug box. We did away with the corn. Have I lost it?
Animals! All of them. We bought a zoo membership in March and have definitely gotten our money's worth. I guess we will have to renew this coming March. She loves animals so much that I think she would LOVE a subscription to the ZOO Magazine. I got those as a little girl too!
The beach. We just went and I didn't take any photos. Don't tell anybody. She met some friends there and played with their Ariel Mermaid Barbie and sat in their beach chair. She gets girlier everday!
Play doh. We started making our own, which is so much fun! Even though we don't buy the actual "play-doh," she loves the play doh kits. Her Dora kit was a gift from Caroline and Cristian.
Baking. She will help me make ANYTHING! She helps eat it too!
Feeding the ducks. This was my favorite as a little girl. Maybe we are more alike than I thought! Rob is getting Emma a fishing pole for her birthday....shhhhhh don't tell! Then they can fish and feed the ducks.

August 24, 2009

A Peek Inside~14 Weeks

I made it to the second trimester, and had my check-up this morning (14 weeks, 2 days). We did an ultrasound in the hopes of finding out pink or blue (I know it's early, but it was my doctor's idea:) Don't hold your breath, because we had NO luck! The baby was spine up, face down, sort of in a crawling position with it's feet crossed at the knees. For all of you "new" to ultrasounds, the head is on the left, the body on the right. You can see the spinal cord really well in the last photo. This is all quite humorous to me...they say all of your pregnancies and babies are different. So far, I would agree! Emma was never in this position in an ultrasound!

August 22, 2009

The Baby Bump Diaries: Chapter 2

In case you missed Chapter 1.

I made it to 14 Weeks, which is also the beginning of the second trimester. This is the supposed to be the best one of the three, so I am patiently waiting. I think that I felt better with Emma around 15 weeks, but I honestly don't remember. It seemed like a VERY long bout of sickness with her, and I would say the same again this time. Here's to feeling great, no nausea, and puke-free nights :) Please tell me it is just around the corner.

August 17, 2009

Did you know?

I would LOVE to read your comments! I am starting to feel like our relationship is a bit know, I do all the talking and y'all do all of the listening...which can only last for a short while, you know? Somedays, I am not sure if anybody is reading...are you? Maybe some of you are just a bit too quiet! So, let's start with this....

Want to comment with some baby name suggestions?

There is a little button at the bottom of my post that probably says "0 comments." That's right ZERO. You can click that button and just comment away :) Add as many as you like. And, while you are at it, you can vote on the sex of the baby too. We would appreciate it!

We aren't sold on any name yet, boy or girl, so we could definitely use your help...nothing too weird though, we do already have an "emma."

On another note, here is Emma's latest. Our family portrait. Emma's first people. They make me smile, although now that I am looking at them, they do sort of resemble jelly-fish like monsters. Have a wonderful day!

August 16, 2009

Our SIXTH Wedding Anniversary!

Today is our wedding anniversary....six years! Wow! I can't believe it. This photo was taken last night, just before we left for our night out...I love those! Pretty good for a self portrait...I sat the timer and crawled my way (very slowly) back to my spot :) We had an amazing dinner at this wonderful little cafe. The stuffed mushrooms, filet, and shrimp brochette were yum-O! We didn't leave room for seems that we never do. After dinner, we headed to see The Time Traveler's Wife. All in all, I had a wonderful night out with my WONDERFUL hubby!

Today, we just stayed at home. I didn't feel so well. I spent our "real" anniversary night Which night did I prefer? Our wedding night or tonight...I bet you can guess.

August 15, 2009

The Baby Bump Diaries: Chapter 1

I made it to 13 Weeks! Hooray! For all of you asking for a "bump" photo, here it is. For all of you that think this is weird, just look away :) I am still having lots of first trimester symptoms, and although some are beginning to subside, others (sciatic nerve pain) are appearing. Oh well, otherwise, we are doing great! This photo was taken just before Rob and I left for our anniversary date, but there will be more on that later!

August 12, 2009

I Promised!

I am SLOWLY catching up! So far, I have added:

Pedaling? She usually prefers to FLINSTONE it-Scroll down to 7.25.09

Jumping In Puddles-Scroll down to 7.23.09

J-E-L-L-O-Scroll down to 7.22.09

Sweet girl or wild child?-Scroll down to 7.16.09

Click "Older Posts" at the bottom of the screen to see:

Lindsey and Dillon's Wedding 7.11.09

Lindsey and Dillon's Rehearsal Dinner 7.10.09

Don't forget to vote either BOY or GIRl...the link is to the right!

I ALWAYS post things with the actual date that they occurred, but since I am behind some of the "newer" posts won't be at the top!

I Owe You One & Jumping In Puddles

Here's a photo of Emma jumping in puddles. She just LOVES it! I found her rain boots for $5, and thought, "how fun?" The second I gave them too her....she looked at me and said, "I get to jump in puddles?" Funny how they know things without you telling them!

On another note, I am still sick...nausea, indigestion, and the whole 9. We are in survival mode around here and hoping for a break eventually. It should be coming soon, right? I am about 12.5 weeks. I know that I am behind on EVERYTHING...including the blog and other things, so...

Mom-I will upload the wedding photos soon and have them sent to Walgreens for you and Lins.
Lindy & Coco-I will try to put some of the rehearsal dinner/wedding photos on our website. There are just SO many, that the post is a bit daunting for prego.
To everybody else-Hopefully I can catch up soon...if you are waiting on Emma's birthday invite, I am working on those too. We have some great photos, and I just can't wait to share, but the computer, along with everything else these days makes me want to puke.
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