August 18, 2011

18 months

You still have 11 pearly whites. There was no teeth cutting this month :)

And, your blue eyes just steal my heart.

Those curls are amazing too.

Your daddy and I celebrated eight years of marriage this month.

And, I do have to say you and your sister and the two best blessings we could have ever asked for.

You are really into saying "hi" these days. That is what you are doing in this photo.

You generally sleep until about 7 am, go to bed between 7 and 7:30 pm, and nap from about 11:30 am to 2 pm. I can push it later if I need to.

You are a happy baby boy, still LOVE your paci, and LOVE to give kisses.

You love the stars and the moon on your ceiling at night.

And your sister loves to tell you good night.

You love to make all of the animal sounds and tell me all of your body parts.

You are so fun, and all three of us have enjoyed you so much.

Cheers to being 1.5!

August 16, 2011

happy wedding day

it was our eighth wedding anniverary, and we had plans to be in costa rica. well, life got in the way. my hubby took a new job. he had a month solid of training in san antonio, and of course, that month overlapped our little trip, so the thing that i was most excited about in a really. really. long. time. was canceled. if i'm honest, i'll tell you that i cried.

but there was nothing that could be done. so, i got over it...and was grateful for the new job, for the health of our two little monkeys, and for food on the table. although, i found it a little ironic that instead of being together in costa rica on our anniversary, we were going to be apart. things change so quickly.

that was until my mom offered to come keep my littles. she even brought my little sister along. so that's what happened, and we ended up here for our anniversary dinner...

i would highly recommend. it is on the river walk, but in a bit quieter section, is quaint, non-chain, historical, and full of character. their patio is beautiful, and if it wouldn't have been a temp. of 115, we might have braved it.

i was so thankful to be with my sweet hubby that night. it's been a wonderful eight years of marriage, and i love him to pieces.

we shared a bottle of wine, from a vineyard that we toured in napa.

and we shared a yummy dessert too. i enjoyed the uninterrupted conversation the most. i even had a couple of days to myself to shop. in peace. my brain actually worked on complete thoughts for a few days. it was amazing! i met him for lunch twice, and we even made it to a movie. so, a big thank you to mama c. and aunt ash for keeping miss e and mister c. i know they enjoyed your visit.

August 11, 2011

Dirt, Sand, Ants, Poop, and iPhones

He eats dirt.

And sand.

And he thinks it's hilarious. I'm not sure why I'm surprised, but he is a boy, and I guess that's what they do.

I hate to disappoint, but he's not eating ants....yet. Those pesky little things have taken over our kitchen, and after a visit from our exterminator, I'm hoping they are gone.

Of course, it's never just a visit from the exterminator. All of the countertops needed wiping off post visit and the floors had to be mopped too. It was just a mess...white foamy stuff just everywhere. I found myself thinking that, "we hire this out." Well, the package should have come with a maid. I also found myself wondering what the cancer rates were for exterminators. My nose was on fire after he sprayed. Emma was sneezing...I even opened a window in our beautiful 115 degree heat.

Here's one for you...Carson brought me an unwrapped poopy diaper the other day. How it wasn't all over everything I. will. never. know.
Thank. you. Lord.

Well if he would have been the first child, I would have tried to figure it out. Where did he get it? How did it get there? And so on. I honestly didn't give it second thought and just assumed that I had left it in the mud room, instead of taking it outside.

Fast forward two hours. Rob comes in from work and is rough housing with the littles. He looks at me like I've lost it, because he discovers that Carson isn't wearing a diaper at all.

Nice. So, then I figured it out. He had slid his dirty diaper off and out of his one-piece outfit. And, then of course brought the diaper to me. Time for potty training?

geez. not there yet. I'm pretty sure Rob was questioning my sanity at that very moment.

No showings on the house. And another price drop. Even better.

And, when my hubby calls or texts me now, my brand new iphone recognizes him as "MyProfile."
Photo 46

That's enough alone to drive a type a personality crazy. But wait, there's more....

I was overjoyed when I realized that I inherited all of his contacts too.

In a perfect world, I would ask all of y'all for your favorite apps, but that part is sorta jacked up too. If you have a favorite, leave it in the comments, and let's hope that one day I get it all resolved.

And, this stupid thing isn't playing nice with my bluetooth either. I have a GMC, so if y'all have any suggestions, I would love them.

GMC says it's iphone's problem and iphone says it's GMC's.

Of course they do.

Who knows. All I know is everybody loves these things, and well, I'm not so sure.

Well gotta run...MyProfile is calling.

August 7, 2011

Are Y'all Still With Me?

Oh my heavens folks! I know it's been a while. I think I need a pardon from y' for my most recent hiatus!

I can't quite put a finger on my reasons for my disappearance, but this one definitely comes to mind...

He's busy. He's quick. And he's a little naughty.

He's so, so sweet too. But, he's at that in-between age where...

a. mentally, he knows what he wants.
b. physically, he wants to do everything miss e does, but
c. he's lacking both the verbal and motor skills to make the above two happen

This can lead to...

fit throwing.
and one tired momma.

Rob's been gone too, which is just plain hard. There's no other way to put it. He's spent the last two weeks in San Antonio for new job training. And the kiddos miss him terribly, especially this one...

She is a daddy's girl. We're counting down the days until Daddy comes home, so to help pass the time, we worked super hard on a special "welcome home daddy" sign.

I thought I would get all caught up on the blog while he was gone, but it didn't exactly go that way. By the end of the day, I was pretty much spent. I spent plenty of evenings tidying up the house, with the possibility of a showing looming over my head.

A showing while flying solo is never any fun, and I still have two more weeks of this single parenting thing ahead of me :)

We've spent some time at the splash pad, outside, at the yogurt shop, and at the gym, but we are really just waiting on Daddy to come home.

It's not all bad. We are blessed for sure...blessed for the health of our children and blessed for the new job.

It's just different and kind of hard to explain to a four year old and a one year old. I'm sure you've all been there.

Promise to be back soon.


August 1, 2011

Staycation Recap ::Part 3::

We spent a couple of our days at the local spray park. I love it standing water=less potential for a drowning :)

There were two families of baby ducks enjoying the park with us. One momma had 13 babies and the other had 11. Somedays I can't make it work with 2.

We did some sidewalk chalking too.

Instead of love, I should have written, "we're melting."

Because, we all were...

I love my two so much!

Bro rarely complies with a photo these days. He prefers to go, go.

But, I did manage to snap this one...

They are so sweet together.

Bro enjoys his popsicles so much these days.

Here's Miss Emma with her chalk crown...

And let's just call him King Crab!

Geez it's been hot here. Here's hoping for some cooler weather...maybe one day!
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