February 25, 2010













Take Four...

One week old and oh so cute!




February 24, 2010

good morning...

This is how mom and I are looking most mornings, but we are enjoying our time with both of the munchkins! This was day six for our little fellow...

February 23, 2010

Five Days Old...

I love this one...she is so proud!

And, I couldn't resist the mohawk...

Mama C. was so helpful to us! We love her so much!

We finished day five with Carson's first real bath. He almost fell asleep...

February 21, 2010

Three Days Old...

and isn't he sweet? He's a wonderful sleeper too, which makes him all the more sweeter!

February 19, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Hospital Policy states that you must stay 24 hours after delivery, so that's exactly what we did! We headed home Thursday afternoon. Here's Carson in his going home outfit. It was a gift from my parents, and I just love it!

I was ready to get discharged from the hospital. It is not a favorite place of mine...

We were both so excited to take home a healthy baby.

Emma was thrilled with our newest addition! My mom and sisters had been keeping Emma all day. We came home to a fajita dinner that was yum-o!

February 18, 2010

one fine day

After my doctor's appointment on Wednesday morning, we elected to go ahead with the induction on Wednesday night. My blood pressure was fine, but if Carson didn't make his debut by Sunday, I would be heading in for an induction Sunday night anyway. We checked into the hospital at 7:30 pm on Wednesday night. Around 8 pm, I was given Cervidil and told to get a good night's rest. Don't you just love hospitals? Well, this photo was taken around midnight, so I am guessing that we didn't get much shut eye.

I think they attempted my IV three times. After the nurse tried the second time, I sent in my threats, and they called the anesthesiologist. He got it on his first try. They also needed a blood draw, and weren't able to use the IV, so I was stuck again. They hooked me up to both the fetal heartrate and contraction monitors.

This photo was taken by me at 4:45 am. We were both up and ready to go! We were told the pitocin would start at 5:30 am, but for some reason, they were running behind. They removed the cervidil, and the pitocin was started at 6:15 am. At 7:30 am, I was 1-2 cm and 40% effaced.

At 7:45 am, my doctor made a visit to break my water. They checked me again at 9:50 am, and I was 3 cm. The pain was increasing, and I began to worry that I wasn't progressing fast enough...pretty ironic. You'll see why later on.

Emma was at home with my sisters, and my mom was at the hospital with us. It was obvious that Emma was having a tough day, so I sent my mom home to check on her. The three of them took her to Chick-fil-a for lunch, and a lot happened while they were gone.

I called for my epidural and received it around 11:15 am. Rob was the only one at the hospital with me at this point. Right after I got the epidural, he ran to the restroom...big mistake.

Carson's heartrate dropped, a random nurse ran in to check on me. She was moving the monitors around on my belly frantically-trying to locate his heartrate. They called for oxygen and made me roll to my left side. I am still by myself. I was beginning to panic.

His heartrate climbed back up...thank the Lord. I realized after all of the drama that my epidural wasn't working. While still wearing the oxygen mask, I continued to labor and breathe through my contractions. I was in severe pain.

The nurse checked me again at 11:35 am, and I was 5 cm. Feeling everything and only half way there, I was exhausted.

At 12:05, they called the anesthesiologist back. The epidural still wasn't working. My nurse kept telling me, "you'll feel pressure." I felt nothing with Emma, but knew that this wasn't just pressure. The anesthesiologist bolstered my epidural. He told me "15-20 minutes" to feel the effects. I remember watching the clock, waiting for it to be 12:20 or 12:25.

12:20 pm rolled around. I was about to come off the table...I called the nurse again. She checked me...9 cm.

I went from 5 cm to 9 cm in less than 45 minutes.

Rob was calling my mom...she was racing down the highway trying to make it in time. She was trying to be there for both Emma and me. I was wondering if it would work. They rolled in the "labor and delivery cart." The doctor ran in. Mom and Lindsey made it.

My doctor pricked me with a needle, and asked if I could feel it. The answer was YES. YES. I. COULD. FEEL. IT.

He called the anesthesiologist for a local anesthetic. Didn't happen-he was in a c-section.

I think I started pushing about 12:35 pm. I didn't expect for it to turn out this way, but this was only one way out. I had no choice.

Rob scrubbed up, and the work began. He wanted to help deliver Carson.

Thank God he came fast...
At 12:43 pm, Carson Chiles Douglas made his grand entrance into our world.

7 pounds, 12 ounces
20 inches long

perfect in every way...

To say that I was thankful it was all over, is an absolute understatement.

I was still in pain...can you tell?

We immediately though he looked like Emma.

I love that he has a head full of dark hair.

Mama C. got to hold our newest member to the family.

He was so alert, and his head was already so strong.

I was so excited to meet the little fellow.

Rob and I were thrilled!

He's going to have so much fun with this little guy...

I am still the picky Momma...I made this sign to put in his bed.

Around 6:15 pm, my mom brought Emma to meet her new little brother. She had a "big sister party" complete with presents, balloons, and cake.

She met him for the very first time...

After keeping Emma for the afternoon, Aunt Ashley got to meet Carson too.

He was so sweet...

We all enjoyed the cookie cake. Thanks to Aunt Lindy and Aunt Ash for picking it up.

Love him...

so much...

What a blessing. We were thanking the good Lord that day...

Aunt Lindy took all of the photos for me. Thank goodness she was there.

My sisters picked up Johnny Carino's for us for dinner. I was starving to say the least...We couldn't have done it without the help from my mom and my sisters. Thanks to all three of you for taking care of Emma, running errands, and breaking the speed limits.

It was one fine day for sure. One amazing, fine day.
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