July 26, 2012


and we couldn't be more excited!

it's too early..

too early in the morning that is.  but, i can't sleep.  the movers should arrive in a couple of hours, and i woke up with those pesky little butterflies in my stomach.

i know i haven't been  here much, but i hope to come back....one day.

it's been quite the ride y'all.  unbelievable to say the least.

we've been living out of suitcases, and trying oh so hard to be patient with our buyer's loan.

patience is hard when you've got little ones.

no movies.  no toys.  no books.  and very. little. food. in. the. house.

there have been short fuses, tears, and everything in between.

all along i was mindful of my many blessings...my healthy kids & husband & family & so much more.

but, i would be lying if i didn't say that this was hard on all of us.

we closed on our "old house" yesterday.

it's so weird to call it that.

the "old house."

i've wondered if emma will remember our "old house."  i'm thinking she will.

i'm thinking that's a no for mr. carson.  which makes me kind of sad.

so many memories that we're leaving behind.

so let me just stop there.

we've cried enough this week.

my aunt margaret had surgery at md anderson this week too.

that alone was enough to make all of us teary eyed.

we. prayed. so. hard. for. her.  emma did too.

and it must've worked.

the surgery went beautifully.  tumor removed. no rib removal. and no chemo.  less than 5% chance of reoccurance.

cue the hallelujah chorus please.

so, we have a lot to be excited about too.

we'll be closer to all of our family, we're excited about miss emma's school, and we're all excited about our new house.

it's a one story.

hip. hip. hooray.

no more laundry up and down the stairs :)

so God willing, we will be in our new home by the weekend.

miss emma starts kindergarten in the fall, so i'm making no promises to be back before then.

i'm trying to soak up every bit of miss emma, before i send my baby off to school.

why is the thought of that so sad?

and daunting?

oh my goodness we will miss her during the day.

for now, i'll leave y'all with a photo of my two babies....


love them to pieces.

prayers please for happy travels, happy kids, a happy close on the new house, and a happy new home.

hugs y'all, jenn

July 21, 2012

july...all packed up

so y'all know it sold.  so, you can probably guess that our month of july was spent, well, packing.

although, i did attempt to gain some normality for the little ones...

normality is so difficult when you are moving, but watermelon outside seemed like a pretty normal thing, so we went with it.

you see, we were supposed to be gone by now.  but, as you can see...

we are still here.

emma thought we should take one last photo in front of the old house, so we did.  but to be completely honest, at the time, i had no idea if we would really end up moving or not.

to make a REALLY long story short...our buyer's loan was delayed.  and without our buyer, we couldn't buy, so we've been patiently not so patiently hanging out.  we had already donated our den furniture, so for longer than we had planned, we were spending our evenings on a blow up bed.  all of our toys were all boxed up.  we had nothing to play with.  so, we improvised with plenty of movie nights...

on the blow-up bed.  with beach towels for blankets.

and pizza delivery for supper.  we were praying that it would all be over very soon.

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