June 18, 2011

My Little Boy Blue

You are sixteen months now, and everyday you seem to learn or say something new. Here's a look back at the past month...

On 5.26.11, you took your very first steps! So, that made you 15 months and about one week old for that big walking milestone. Just like I thought, in a matter of minutes, your first steps turned into making laps around the house. I guess you've been busy just perfecting and practicing.

You love your sister "memma" so, so much.

She loves to play with you...

But, we still do have our share of mishaps.

You are sweet, but honestly, your naps have been a nightmare. No napping has meant no blogging for your momma. We did switch to one nap....again. You have an early lunch around 11 am, and I put you down at 11:15 or 11:30. Then, I pray that you sleep longer than forty five minutes. seriously.

Maybe we are making some strides, because yesterday, you slept two hours and forty five minutes...which is why I got to write this post. Nap was from 11:15 to 2, but I am not telling you this, because if I did, it would probably totally jinx it.

You like to put your little hand up to your ear now and say, "hello."

And, you love to play with sister's baby dolls...you say, "bebe."

We aren't too worried about you liking baby dolls. You love to grill on the play kitchen too.

If you could touch everything that was "up high," you would be on cloud 9. And, you love it when I help you do a somersault.

You like to knock the big block tower over too.

You have a new high pitch scream/cry. It does wonders for my sanity. And, you needed a haircut terribly, so I took both of y'all.

A couple of weeks ago you had some sort of viral sore throat that came complete with little mouth ulcers. You cried all day for an entire week, and I thought I just might lose it. Mouth ulcers+your wonderful napping routine=more than a few heaven help me moments.

You have the best little laugh in the entire world. And when I tease you with your paci, you laugh so, so hard. Mama C. was with us for most of the week, so she helped me wrangle the two of you for haircuts.

If you look closely, you can see her peeking around the corner :)

Duck-duck is by far your favorite word. You have a tiny little book with a duck-duck on it, and it is your favorite. You carry it around so proud, walking, and saying, "duck-duck."

So I marked 6.8.11 as your very first haircut. I think you were super over due...

But I have this thing with keeping those baby curls.

I've only cut your little bangs a few times, so this was the first official chop, chop.

Here's the after...

And here's a shot of the back...

Sister got a haircut too.

She loved getting it cut and enjoyed her time in the little yellow car too.

Mama C. stole a kiss. We were so glad to have her for a visit.

And you were cracking up at yourself in the mirror...waving & waving.

And waving some more.

All done!

And oh so pretty handsome.

We took the obligatory mommy & me. I have one with Emma on her first haircut...just trying to keep it equal. wink. wink.

No 15 month check-up stats to report. I need to bust a move. I guess that's the whole 2nd child thing working in your favor...

I know you're healthy, and a check up just means exposure to sick kids + shots.

To our little bro-bro,

Just know that you are so, so loved and watching you grow has been the best. You have the prettiest blue eyes, and I honestly think I could just eat you with a spoon :)

June 17, 2011

laundry & mantras

I had a little thought this morning.

It was that if I could convince my family to run around naked today, all of our laundry would be done.

After I had that thought, I immediately thought that I was losing it.

oh heavens.

ALL of our laundry is done...the towels, the sheets, the lights, the darks, the cleaning towels, the beach towels and everything in between. I even washed my "hand wash only" dress.

Too bad it doesn't last.

And too bad, I am always behind on all of it.

And too bad, just when I think I have caught up, at least on the kids' stuff, Emma has a "once a year tee-tee accident" or somebody vomits.

Not only did I do our laundry, but I put it away too. Except for the pile of clothes in the bottom of my closet that need to be hung up. do y'all have that wretched pile too?

My little buddy hasn't been the best napper lately. No nap equals you get nothing done...especially blogging.

So, don't be worried. I am here. Just attempting to exist without sanity time :)

Here's Carson's 15 month update if you're interested. I was late writing it, so it's been back-dated, but it's new :)

A friend told me that everything is a phase. For the past few weeks, I keep on reciting that mantra to myself...

everything is a phase...everything is a phase....everything is a phase...

that's how i get through the day.

geez...phases are tough. really tough.

heaven help me if he doesn't start napping soon.

and just for the record, when i started writing this post, my laundry really was done. really. but, i've been interrupted so many times by now, that my laundry really isn't done anymore.

we should have run around naked.

hope to be back soon.
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