January 16, 2011

::craft:: rainy day valentine fun

emma started by decorating the window with her valentine's day gel clings.

while she did that, i got the stuff together to make these...valentine lollipop flowers for emma's preschool class.

this is what you will need: a bag of tootsie roll pops, 5 cupcake liners per sucker, green pipe cleaners, wire, and green painting tape (i found it at home depot), and a card for each lollipop.

to start, fold a cupcake liner in half and punch a hole in the center. you will need four of these per lollipop.

next, fold a cupcake liner in half, but this time, punch the hole half way off of the paper.

this way, when you open it, you have one single hole in the middle of the cupcake liner. you will need one of these per lollipop.

this is what you should end up with...

add the folded liners to the lollipop stick...

overlapping one quarter as you add each one.

keep going... once you have added all four of the folded cupcake liners, finish by adding the unfolded cupcake liner to the back.

you could always enlist a sweet helper to help out...

to make the leaves, sandwich a piece of wire in between two pieces of the green tape.

next, cut out a leaf shape.

after that, i added one pipe cleaner (that i had folded in half ) and one green leaf to each sucker. just twist to attach them both. the pipe cleaner served as our tag holder.

that's it...you can't beat spring flowers on a cold and wet wintry day! If you want something a little less involved, you could try the butterfly lollipop valentine's that we made last year.
Inspired by and adapted from: Skip to my Lou!

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Anonymous said...

super cute. I love them! i'm lucky if i can get my kids to bring a dollar store pencil for parties! ha!

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