January 5, 2011

snip, snip

my sweet little boy's hair was in his eyes, so i gathered up these and got to work...

we used sister's smock and the bumbo too.

sister was there for support. i didn't want to cut your baby hair, but i did want you to be able to see :)

i didn't dare touch the back. i have this thing with cutting baby hair. i prefer to wait. and wait. the proof? emma's first haircut wasn't until she was two years and three months old. well, buddy, you are boy, and sticking a pretty bow in the part that needs cutting just won't cut it. so, after the big ole wiggling fiasco, you can see, and i can see your pretty blue eyes again. a haircut at only ten months old. geez. thank goodness for the curly hair. i make no promises that it is straight.

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