January 28, 2010

please don't cry...

So, based on the response from my last post, I feel terrible. I made several of you cry, which weren't my intentions at all. So, now for something a little more light-hearted...Valentine's Day cards. My friend sent me a couple links where we could find free Valentine's Day printables...amazing! Since my due date is just around the corner, and Emma needed Valentine's to hand out to her class, I decided to go ahead and get this one knocked out. So, this is what we decided on....butterflies.

I had little hands to help me out along the way. She is so sweet and helpful. I love her.

Like any three year old, she was trying to make the butterflies fly...

flap, flap...

You can download the butterfly template here. I printed the cards and cut them out. Afterthat, I cut out red hearts to add to the wings, and Emma glued them on. We bought the suckers. Emma added the eyes, and I added the smiles and the pipe cleaners. Besides buying the bag of suckers, I had everything else at home. They were a lot of fun to make, and I thought that they turned out super cute!

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