February 7, 2011

from there to here ::part 1::

from here to there.
this post will be everywhere.

emma's really into rhyming lately. i think she's rubbed off on me. somebody rob taught emma that deer rhymes with beer. awesome. i don't think he realized what he had said, until he had already said it. don't you just hate it when that happens? we started the week off with a couple of batches of salt dough ornaments. i. love. them. i think i've perfected the recipe. the dough was perfect and was easily re-rolled, so there were no wasted scraps.

after they cooled, i hit them with this.

i did this in my garage, of course....with the garage doors shut, because if i open them during naptime, it wakes the kids up, so the ventilation was perfect! this batch was mainly for carson's birthday, but i made some extra ones too. i made emma a set of numbers, just to help her learn. we made a few hearts for v-day, that she and i decorated with sequins, buttons, etc., and i let emma pick out her FAVORITES for something later. can you tell i'm a spray paint junkie? i have spray painted just about everything in my house.

after they dried, i strung them with ribbon, and hung them on our trusty little tree. hello, birthday centerpiece!

here's a sneak peek...

i've been meaning to whip this one up for months. i've seen it multiple times throughout blogland, but don't remember where i saw it first. start with a straw wreath (leave the plastic wrap on), 2 bags of floral hooks, and a lifetime supply of balloons. the wreath was $3.99 at hobby lobby. the pins were $1.50 a bag, so $3, and the balloons, well, let's just say i used more than i thought i would. way more.

choose two balloons. stack them like this...

grab a floral hook and stick it across the middle.

then, push it into the wreath. continue until it's covered! it didn't take as long as i thought. i started just before dinner one night and finished up while rob and i were watching tv that same night.

it was worth all of the balloons. i was super pleased. while i was at hobby lobby, i grabbed the foam letter for a buck, and i even picked up miss emma a yellow "E" for when it's her special day. i love that it can re-used with each child for every birthday.

our front door was looking so bright and cheery with our new wreath that i let emma pick out something new for our front door flower pot. she is still tried and true yellow. we needed something to brighten up our post winter horror of a yard.

i'll be back in a flash with part 2 of this story.
i've got a recipe to share, so you need not to worry.

okay, enough. see y'all in a bit.


The Shavers Family said...

OMG, that is THE cutest wreath/birthday treat I have ever seen, I'm going to have to try and copy that one for sure! Thank you for sharing all your fantastic ideas!

Brittany, Ryan and Jackson said...

This is Brittany's mother , Donna.
I am at B's house to celebrate her 29th b'day. I love the balloon wreath. We are definitely are on our way to Hobby Lobby to get the supplies. I'm going to make 2. How many packages of balloons do you think you used for one. I notice your pkg. was 12" rounds. I haven't looked at the rest of your blog, I got stuck on the balloon wreath. So great to see your children. Tell your family hello.

Jenn said...

Mrs. Oates! So good to hear from you. I hope you and your family are doing well. I know for sure that I bought two of the BIG packs of the assorted colors of balloons (like the one in the photo). I think each pack was $3.99. Then, I supplemented by buying five of the smaller bags ($1.99) of balloons. The smaller bags only come in specific colors....I know I got red, blue, yellow, orange, and light blue bags. I ended up using about a bag and a half of floral pins on my wreath. Looking back, I wish I would have bought my balloons in bulk somewhere else, like maybe wal-mart, where they would have been cheaper. But in the end, I felt like it was worth it. It is big, colorful, and festive, and can be used for all of my kiddos. Good luck making your wreaths! Hugs to you, britt, and the family!

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