December 24, 2010

cookies for santa...

I rounded the little miss up on Christmas Eve morning to make some reindeer cookies for Santa...

We started with this cookie mix, mixed it up, and rolled it out.

Then, we used a cookie cutter to make hearts. After that, we baked them in the oven, according to the directions on the back.

Next, you will need icing+chocolate chips+red m&m's+pretzels. Turn the hearts upside down, and believe me when I tell you that your little ones can complete the project all by themselves! Start with two dabs of icing for the eyes. Then add your chocolate chips...

This kept her busy for quite a while, and I was glad to have her help in the kitchen :)

Add a dab of icing at the bottom of the heart for the red nose and use your m&m's for this part. I thought that the peanut m&m noses turned out much cuter than the regular m&m noses :)

After that, we broke our pretzels up, and used them at the top of the heart, which is actually the bottom point of the heart, for antlers. We were left with some adorable reindeer and plenty of cookies to fill Santa's big belly.

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