December 17, 2010

dear santa

Emma wrote you a letter...DSC_2994

and, she had a lot to say.

I wrote exactly what she spoke. We went to visit you too.

Our encounter with you was at the Bass Pro Shop, and if you're in need of a Santa visit, I highly recommend!

We went home with three free photos of the kids, they allow shooting with your very own camera, they had crafts to make, and trains to operate...

Emma loved the train most of all.

And, she had to get a photo with your reindeer, of course.

We also made some homemade hot cocoa mix. I enlisted Emma as my helper in the kitchen.

I had so much fun with her...

After our hardwork, we had to give it a try. So, we say down for some hot cocoa together...

I'll say she approved, and so did I. It was delicious!

While we cook, Carson hangs out here...right under my feet. He's the happiest here, so we make it work :)

He's really into the train these days. He pushes it back and forth, back and forth. That little boy instinct is amazing.

In case you were wondering, Miss Emma's booster seat is up and in running order again, post-puke-in-my-car-incident. We had to bring the other one in the house to figure out how to put it back together. Thank you all for all of the well wishes and concerns. We are all feeling much better!

We also made homemade marshmallows this morning. Marshmallows are Emma's favorite, so when I saw the idea earlier this week, I just couldn't resist!

They were a little messy, but well worth our efforts.

They turned out just beautiful!

Our sweet neighbors with little ones got homemade hot cocoa mix, homemade marshmallows, and reindeer food on their doorstep this morning. We made apple cranberry butter earlier this week too.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad she wants a giraffe because I got her one. Got the little man a train. Sounds like they will both enjoy it. See ya soon! Lisa

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of sweet carson! He looks so big playing with that train. Miss you guys!

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