September 19, 2010

riding & jumping & growing up

She actually cooperated with the camera today. I couldn't believe my eyes.

I guess she is growing up. She's four. Can we still count that as a baby?

And, she still loves to jump in puddles.

And, her latest thing is pigtails. I do them for her every morning. Although, we need more hair bows and clips that have two to match.

She amazes me everyday. She always has some amazing thought to share or some very deep question to ask. She is always thinking, and I pray that I am answering her right.

Growing up, I tell you. She had her very first sleepover the other night. It's sort of like a right of passage for a little girl, don't you think? She was so excited. We packed her bag together, talked about what would happen, and I wondered if she would really stay. It seems like yesterday I was packing my bag for a fun filled slumber party. I kept the phone next to my bed all night, but there was never a ring. She was fine, which was really no surprise. She is so confident, and I love her.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am dying for a puddle jumping/cozy coop pict. of mems. way too cute!

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